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n the topic of why Bill created gophoria, he responds, "The reason I developed gophoria is simple. I spend a large amount of my day on the Internet. One afternoon I noticed how often it was that I would be reading something and want a definition, a synonym, maybe need to run a search on a phrase, or sometimes go to a URL that although was on a web page, it wasn't hyperlinked."

"I asked myself how I could get the information that I needed without having to awkwardly copy, open a new browser window, go to my favorite search engine, paste, and then finally run the search. The idea behind gophoria was born."

gophoria is free for general use and distribution.* No time limited evaluation, no accumulation of personal information, the most important thing is that people use it to help them in their research.

The Internet represents a real time accumulation of to-the-second knowledge. In other words, everything we currently know as a global community is immediately available to us through our connection and on our monitors. Knowledge is power and if one of us grows, the rest of us do too.

*please contact Wide Open Media to discuss any for-profit use or distribution.

the good word on gophoria...

"I must say that I like the tool very much. I often cut and paste text from documents and then search for them on Google, so your tool has just saved me that hassle."
"This tool makes it easy to make simple searches on text that is already displayed in a web page. By simply right-clicking on a word, you can run a search on Google, the Dictionary or a Thesaurus. For the size (100k) and price (free), this is a must-have for every casual internet surfer."

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