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ur hope with gophoria was that it would help people. Developed to streamline a simple yet sometimes bumbling process, gophoria is doing just that!

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February 7, 2005
Gophoria mentioned in a reference book? GET OUT!

It was brought to my attention that Google Hacks, 2nd Edition (Hacks) by Tara Calishain, Rael Dornfest. O'Reilly December, 2004. gave gophoria a brief recommendation on page 242. How incredible is that? Go buy the book! I think it is great and by the look of the reviews, others do too! Thank you Tara and Rael for the mention!

Since I am updating I will go ahead and address the "where is a newer version already" issue that so many of you have been curious about. Well, I need to get to work, don't I?

Unfortunately I have been insanely busy with other great projects and gophoria, probably my favorite one of all of them, has been neglected. I WILL release the update. I PROMISE. In the meantime, the original beta version works just as perfectly as ever and is STILL a MUST HAVE.

If you have ideas that would make gophoria an even better research tool, please submit them through the suggestion box page on this website!
Live! Learn! Love!

December 7, 2003
It's coming! The next version of gophoria will be able to search from almost any application throughout windows. We're adding in new search selections, extra features, and a new and improved edit screen that will make your life easier! Thank you all for your feedback!

Until then, Wide Open Media, an internet marketing and expert search engine optimization services company is proud to announce the launch of trendlist.com. Trend list helps you quickly find several stores that sell your favorite brand of shoes and handbags. Currently in the shoes area, you can find over 300 shoe brands like Dr Martens, Kenneth Cole, Prada, Gucci, Anne Klein, Birkenstock, New Balance, and all of your other favorites. Click here to take a look and please tell a friend!

July 18, 2003
Get this:  gophoria not only speeds searches for google, dictionary, and thesaurus but it can now help search ebay and amazon too! Even when you want not to search those sites right off, gophoria is there for you to speed your access to two of the largest shopping destinations on the web. Also, your searches, bids, and purchases after entering ebay or amazon through the gophoria utility help us to keep it free! (no popups, no banners, no spam, no donations, just good clean clickin' fun)

July 12, 2003
Many, many thanks to everyone downloading gophoria, sharing it with friends, and that have sent in feedback. Each of your suggestions are awesome and will help insure that future versions of gophoria continue to provide the best and fastest user focused experience of any search utility available.

side note: It is so amazing to see gophoria spread like it has. My appreciation goes out to the numerous writers and sites that have included gophoria in their list of preferred browser additions... You guys rock!

September 03, 2002
Announcing the first official beta release of gophoria by Wide Open Media a leader in search engine marketing!
Download gophoria v0.1.0beta now!

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